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ARINSA Annual General Meeting 11th May 2022

The Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Southern Africa, known as ARINSA is a multi-agency, informal network of practitioners between participating countries for exchanging information, model legislation and country laws in asset forfeiture, confiscation and money laundering. This network plays a crucial role in supporting member countries’ asset forfeiture regimes to remove proceeds of crime and provide a disincentive for committing such crime, thereby contributing to the strengthening of governance measures and anti-corruption policies.

ARINSA brings together investigators, prosecutors, judges, magistrates, law enforcement and other professionals including those from FATF, COMESA, SADC, EU Commission to address the recovery of proceeds of crime from its 17-member countries in Southern and Eastern Africa.

The Director of the FIU, Mrs. Carine Charlette- Katinic, attended the ARINSA Annual General Meeting this year as President of the ARINSA. During this year’s AGM, Mrs. Charlette was able to garner support from all member states and other representatives including those from FATF and ESAAMLG for Mauritius to retain the presidency until 2023. The extension in presidency was based on Mrs. Charlette having demonstrated the Mauritian government’s commitment to address asset recovery as a means to fight against Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing in the region.