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Established under Section 9 of the Financial Intelligence and Anti Money Laundering Act in August 2002, the Financial Intelligence Unit is the national central agency in Mauritius that is responsible for the request, receipt, analysis and dissemination of financial information regarding suspected proceeds of crime and alleged money laundering offences as well as the financing of any activities or transactions related to terrorism to relevant authorities.

Since January 2016 to 29th March 2024, further to amendments brought to the Asset Recovery Act 2011, the FIU was assigned the functions of Asset Recovery. Following the proclamation of the Financial Crime Commission Act (2023) in 29th March 2024, Asset Recovery is now under the mandate of the Financial Crimes Commission.

In addition to the above functions, the FIU is the AML/CFT regulator for Legal Professionals, the Real Estate and Jewelery sectors.

Mission Statement

To be the leader in financial intelligence works in the region and be recognized worldwide as an FIU that adheres to international standards.

Vision Statement

To protect the integrity of our financial system and contribute to the safety of our citizens through deterrence of money laundering and terrorist financing
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