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Effective Public-Private Partnership Programme

The FIU Mauritius marked this programme with the November 2022 Public-Private Partnership on FINANCIAL FLOWS ASSOCIATED WITH ILLICIT WILDLIFE FINANCING.

This public-private partnership is recognised to contribute to the global fight against terrorism financing and will increase the knowledge about the financial flows linked with the common ILLICIT WILDLIFE TRADE in the supply chains in the Region and the rest of the world.

In the FATF June 2020 report on MONEY LAUNDERING and the ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE concerns were raised about the lack of focus on the financial aspects of this crime.

Fostering this relationship with the private sector will encourage effective coordination between financial institutions and law enforcement in identifying and disrupting financial flows from ILLICIT WILDLIFE TRADE with different initiatives in development.

The FATF REPORT on Money Laundering and the Illegal Wildlife Trade is available on the FATF website and can be accessed here.

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