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The President of ARIN-SA – Mrs Carine Charlette Katinic was pleased to welcome delegates and fellow ARIN President to Mauritius for the kick-off workshop and meeting of heads of asset recovery agencies.

Fruitful discussions took place on the progress of asset recovery in Mauritius and in the Region and actions by the key Mauritian agency (ARID) was presented.

Mauritius via its ARID division has agreed to continue to support the Region and matters pertaining to asset recovery.

The impressive results and actions by the ARID officers were duly recognised including the recent seizure arising from Terrorism Financing.

The EU Ambassador stated in his speech that: ‘Africa loses nearly 89 billion US dollars per year in Illicit Financial Flows (IFF), which corresponds to 3.7% of the continent GDP. This is huge and actually more than what Africa receives in development aid. Even if the sources of Illicit Financial Flows are varied, different forms of Transnational Organised Crime are among the main generators of illicit capital in the continent…..

It is now increasingly recognised that targeting the financing and proceeds from serious criminal activities and terrorism is one of the key strategies to effectively mitigate these threats. Now, how can this be achieved? The answer is simple: by ensuring the implementation of powerful frameworks for Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism and notably by ensuring robust financial investigations and prosecutions.’

His speech is available on the following link:

March 2023

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