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goAML International User Group Meeting

The goAML International User Group Meeting was held in Vienna from Monday 23 October to Wednesday 25 October 2023.

FIU participated in the group meeting this year. The international meeting, has been rich in content and experiences encompassing the global goAML user community.  FIU delegates from Europe/Middle East/Africa/Asia were present during the meeting

The main areas discussed were as follows:

  • Presentation of Latest and Upcoming goAML Features
  • Voting of the new chair of goAML Virtual community – this year FIU Latvia was selected to take upon this responsibility
  • Technology adopted in the development of goAML
  • Presentations and experience sharing by goAML user community
  • Information security with regards to goAML
  • Discussion held on Importance of the Virtual Community
  • New services launched by UNODC to enhance communication among goAML users

It has been a unique opportunity for FIU Mauritius to meet counterparts using goAML from all regions, meet the new member states that have joined recently, as well as have member states from vastly distant regions share knowledge with each other and contribute.

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