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Public Summary Report on Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism Financing Phase II by Egmont Group

The second Egmont Group report on the rise of extreme right wing (XRW) terrorist groups and associated terrorism financing addresses a number of limitations and challenges that the first report in 2022 identified. The report explores measures to enhance understanding and detection of XRWTF, as well as the scope to move beyond bilateral exchange to engage multilaterally where possible on XRW threats. Both elements are examined mainly through an operational lens.

This phase II report covers four areas:

  • an XRWTF threat update and project member country snapshots;
  • outcomes and lessons from testing a trial set of XRWTF indicators;
  • operational analysis of two major XRW groups; and
  • insights and lessons from joint operational analysis of a few cases, using a blueprint developed for that purpose.

               The report is accessible here.

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