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The combat against money laundering and terrorism financing also involves the organisation of training and seminars about Anti Money Laundering, Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) frameworks and an understanding of sophisticated techniques used by money launderers as well as assessing risks.
List of Previous Seminars and Workshops 
28th June, 2012   National Seminar on “Combating Money Laundering: New Developments and Perspectives”
13th August, 2009   Workshop on “Strengthening Operational Relationships with Banks”
18th April, 2006   National Seminar on “Working Together to Fight Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing”
March, 2005   Workshop for Bankers on “Suspicious Transactions Reporting Mechanism and Trends and Patterns based on Suspicious Transactions Reports”
26th February, 2005   Presentation on AML/CFT at the Compliance Workshop of the Civil Service Mutual Aid Association
3rd & 4th February, 2005   Presentation on “AML/CFT Framework and Strategy of Mauritius" at a workshop organised by the FSPA
September, 2004   National Seminar and Workshop organised by the FIU on “Addressing the Risks of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing” and “Meeting the Expectation Gap”
May, 2004   Presentation at the ESAAMLG Strategy Workshop held in Mauritius on "AML/CFT Strategy Paper"
19th May, 2004   Presentation to Officials of Horwath Mauritius & Direct Plus on “AML/CFT: Reporting Culture!”
8th April, 2004   Presentation to Officials of KPMG on “AML/CFT Strategy and the Role of the FIU” and “Brief Overview of FIAMLA”
January, 2004   Training organised jointly by the FIU and the Bar Council to barristers on “Nouvelles Responsabilités de la Profession du Droit dans la Lutte Contre le Blanchiment”
21st November, 2003   Presentation to members of the Mauritius Bankers Association Committee on Fraud and Intelligence and senior bankers on “Role and Workings of The FIU”
11th October, 2003   Presentation at the ACCA’s Continuous Professional Development for Accountants’ Conference held in Mauritius on “AML/CFT Framework and the Role of the FIU”
6th-8thOctober, 2003   Workshop on “Basic Analysis and Money Laundering Investigative Training” jointly with FinCEN
17th September, 2003   Presentation to Senior Officials of SICOM on “AML/CFT Framework and the Role of the FIU”
8th September, 2003   Presentation in the conference organised by the Ministry of Economic Development, Financial Services and Corporate Affairs on “The Implementation of FSAP’s Recommendations in Respect of AML/CFT”
26th August, 2003   Presentation to ESAAMLG, “Mauritius AML/CFT Developments in 2002-2003”
28th May, 2003   National Seminar on “Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing” with the support of the FSPA
13th & 27th March, 2003   Training to Senior Officials of the Customs and Police on “Role and Function of the FIU” on respectively