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World Customs Organisation Financial Intelligence Compendium Workshop

The World Customs Organisation (WCO), in collaboration with the Egmont Group is hosting the inaugural Financial Intelligence Compendium workshop in Mauritius from 30 May 2023 to 02 June 2023.

The Director of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and Vice Chair of the Information Exchange Working Group (IEWG) of Egmont Ms. Carine Charlette- Katinic emphasised in her speech the importance of FIU and the successful cooperation prevailing between FIU and customs in tackling trade-based money laundering. The workshop regrouped participants from East and Southern Africa namely Mr. David Kane, Mr. M.Barboni, Ms. M.Giammatteo, Ms. M. Samaroo-Ramrattan, Mr. K.Stephenson, Mr. T. Nevins, Mr. P. Bakhshaliyev, Ms. S.Rivarola, Ms. L.Simbi, Mr. H.Casas, Mr. P.E. Gillain and other officials from FIU.

This International Workshop aimed at (i) deepening the cooperation between FIUs and Customs regarding AML/CFT activities, (ii) enhancing the joint Customs and FIUs analysis of suspicious activities and suspicious trade activities, and (iii) developing of targeting intelligence to counter currency smuggling and trade-based money laundering. Experts from ECOFEL and WCO also focused on the role of FIUs and custom authorities, reporting entities with emphasis on threshold reporting, suspicious transaction reports, the relevant FATF standards, national ML/TF risk assessments and cooperation amongst state authorities. The workshop will further strengthen FIU and Customs officials in carrying out their core functions and successfully combatting criminals.

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