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Public Summary Report on Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism Financing Phase II by Egmont Group

The second Egmont Group report on the rise of extreme right wing (XRW) terrorist groups and associated terrorism financing addresses a number of limitations and challenges that the first report in 2022 identified. The report explores measures to enhance understanding and detection of XRWTF, as well as the scope to move beyond bilateral exchange to engage multilaterally where possible on XRW threats. Both elements are examined mainly through an operational lens

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FIU’s role in the Fight Against The Abuse of NPOs for Terrorist Financing Activities by the Egmont Group

In April 2024, the Egmont Group Information Exchange Working Group (EG IEWG) developed a report to support continuous efforts in the fight against the abuse of NPOs for TF activities. This report supplements the FATF’s work by providing a refined understanding of how NPOs are exploited for TF purpose and helps to develop new knowledge on typologies and financial treats through the understanding of the NPO sector, the identification measures, updates and expansion on existing information

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FIU/Notice/2024/01 Registration of Reporting Persons pursuant to Section 14C of the FIAMLA

Section 14C of the FIAMLA requires all reporting persons, as defined under the FIAMLA to register with the FIU, established under Section 9 of the FIAMLA. On 27th March 2024, the FIU issued a Notice ‘FIU/Notice/2024/01’ (‘the Notice’) with respect to registration of reporting persons pursuant to Section 14C of the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act (FIAMLA)

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SADC Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism Initiatives

The SADC Secretariat successfully operationalized the SADC Anti-Money Laundering Committee (‘the SADC AML Committee’) at inaugural meeting of the SADC AML Committee held between 21 and 23 February 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The SADC AML Committee has the objectives, among others, to facilitate the convergence of the AML/CFT policies, laws and regulatory practices of SADC Member States within the framework of the FATF Recommendations and support effective and proportional action against money laundering and the financing of terrorism in the region.

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Public Summary – Abuse of Virtual Assets for Terrorist Financing Purposes

The Egmont Group released its Public Summary report on the “Abuse of Virtual Assets for Terrorist Financing Purposes’’. Virtual Assets abused in terrorism financing is a current focal point of discussions. As per the Egmont group, understanding trends in emerging technologies will enable the identification of potential vulnerabilities associated with new technologies, particularly virtual assets.

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Angolan Officials pay a study visit to FIU Mauritius

A significant event took place as delegates from Angola, representing various key authorities, visited FIU Mauritius to offer their expertise and support in the post Mutual Evaluation implementation process. The visit aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing between the two nations, particularly in the field of financial intelligence and compliance

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